What is Credit-Life Insurance?
Credit-Life Insurance is an additional layer of protection if unexpected hardship should arise. Optional Credit Disability Insurance will make your loan payments on your behalf in the event of a total disability caused by a covered injury or illness. With Credit-Life Insurance, your eligible loan balance will be paid off or reduced in the event of your death*.

Why should I purchase Credit-Life Insurance?
Purchasing Credit-Life Insuance gives the extra peace of mind knowing you will receive help making your payments, protecting assets, and maintaining your credit rating should difficulties arise. Purchasing Credit-Life Insurance can be compounded with most standard life insurance plans so vital cash from a claim can be used for other important expenses.

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How do I purchase Credit-Life Insurance?
Credit-Life Insurance is purchased at the time of loan closing. Ask your loan officer for information about Credit-Life insurance.

How much does Credit-Life Insurance cost?
Credit-Life Insurance costs vary by coverage level, loan type, and balance. Get a quote here or ask your loan officer. Credit-Life Insurance can also be added after your loan has been closed.

Can I add the cost of Credit-Life Insurance to my loan?
Credit-Life Insurance is billed monthly with your loan payment. Ask your loan officer for a "fully protected" loan quote at loan closing.


*Some restrictions may apply. See a loan officer for complete details, including coverage levels, premium costs, benefits, and restrictions.