What is Courtesy Pay?
Courtesy Pay is a service from Weber State Credit Union that allows transactions made on your account to clear, even if you don’t have enough money in your account to cover the cost of the transaction.

Courtesy Pay options:
Members can access up to $500 of Courtesy Pay protection through the use of a check, at a branch, over the phone, or with Bill pay or through ACH transactions. As an additional option, members can opt-in to receive protection on ATM and Debit card transactions in the event of an overdraft. To request the additional coverage through Debit card and ATM transactions, please follow the directions below to request an Opt-in, or contact the credit union at 801-399-9728.

Opt-in today: login to E-Branch, select "Courtesy Pay Opt-in Request" under the "Member Service" tab, visit any branch, or call 801-399-9728.

What does Courtesy Pay cost?
There is a charge of up to $27 for each item paid through Courtesy Pay.

Courtesy Pay benefits.
Imagine you have $200 in groceries, but only $199 in your checking account. Without Courtesy Pay, your Debit card transaction would be declined. If you used a check, without Courtesy Pay your check would bounce and you would receive a $27 insufficient funds fee from WSCU, and a $25-$35 fee from the grocery store. With Courtesy Pay, we would allow both your Debit card and check transactions to clear your account. You get your groceries, avoid the embarrassment, and you have up to 30 days to bring your account balance positive again.

My Debit card was declined. Now what?
Coverage for Debit card and ATM transactions must be requested. We will decline transactions that require Courtesy Pay, unless you request the service. To opt-in for Courtesy Pay on Debit and ATM transactions, please contact a WSCU representative.