What is Dealer-Direct Financing?
Most dealerships in Utah, and many more nationwide, participate in credit-union direct financing. With Dealer-Direct financing, you can apply, get approval, and fund your new or used vehicle without leaving the dealership.

How does Dealer-Direct financing work?
While visiting the dealership, let your salesperson know you would like your loan financed at Weber State Credit Union. The dealer will gather the information necessary to complete your application and work directly with our lending department to get your loan approved.

Loan Questions? Contact a Loan Officer at 801-399-9728.

What does Dealer-Direct financing cost?
The rates and terms you get at the dealership are exactly the same as those offered to members in our branches, so there is no extra cost to finance at the dealership.

What can I finance through Dealer-Direct financing?
Virtually all cars, trucks, and SUVs can be financed directly. Just ask the dealer if they offer direct financing from Weber State Credit Union.

What happens after I leave the dealership?
After your purchase is complete at the dealership, all the necessary paperwork, transfer of the vehicle title, and processing will be handled by the credit union. You will receive a welcome packet and loan confirmation within a few days of purchasing your new vehicle. Your welcome package will contain details on your first payment date and terms of your loan.