What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance acts as an extended warranty on your vehicle to cover expenses from breakdown or mechanical failure in your vehicle.

What is covered under Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?
There are three levels of coverage available. Choose from drivetrain only coverage, deluxe coverage, or factory-type coverage to insure your finances against mechanical expenses with no deductible on covered parts and labor*.

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How do I purchase Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is purchased at the time of loan closing. Ask your loan officer for information about Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

How much does Mechanical Breakdown Insurance cost?
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance costs vary by coverage level, and by the age and mileage of the vehicle. Get a quote here or ask your loan officer. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can also be added any time after your loan has been closed.

Can I add the cost of Mechanical Breakdown Insurance to my loan?
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can be added to your loan in most cases. Your loan officer may also be able to extend your loan an additional 6 months to help keep your monthly payment affordable. Ask your loan officer for details about the costs and payment options available to you.


*Some restrictions may apply. See a loan officer for complete details, including coverage levels, premium costs, benefits, and restrictions.