VISA Platinum: Go2
Save money every month with a low rate.

If you like the flexibility to carry a balance on your card, save on interest with the VISA Platinum Go2 card. Since you are carrying a Platinum card, you also get other free features.

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All VISA Platinum cards include:

No Balance Transfer Fees: Want to pay off the balance on another card faster? Refinance to a lower rate with WSCU and pay no balance transfer fees, ever. To transfer a balance, call a loan officer at 801-399-9728.

Auto Rental Insurance1: Use your VISA Platinum card to reserve and pay for your rental car to receive first-line insurance coverage, up to $25,000 at no cost.²

Travel Accident Insurance3: Get up to $1,000,000 of Travel Accident Insurance when you purchase your entire fare on a common carrier with your VISA Platinum card at no cost.

Lost Luggage Insurance1: Automatically get up to $1,250 of coverage if your luggage is lost or stolen when you purchase your travel tickets with your VISA Platinum card.²

Hotel Theft Insurance1: If your hotel or motel room is burglarized, the value of your belongings is insured (at actual cash replacement value up to $500) when you reserve and pay for your room with your VISA Platinum card.²

Travel Reservations & Car Rental Discounts1: Make arrangements for air, train, cruise, hotel/motel, rental cars, and more by calling 1-800-778-1725 (use travel ID# 5805) 24 hours a day.

90-Day Product Protection3: Make your retail purchases with your VISA Platinum card, and we will insure your items against loss, theft, or damage for up to 90 days after purchase.

Extended Warranty3: When you shop with your VISA Platinum card, we will double your original warranty up to a full year.

ID Theft Insurance3: Get up to $1,000 reimbursement (after $100 deductible) for out-of-pocket expenses related to resolving an ID theft-related incident.

Lost Cards Cancellation1: Register all of your payment cards confidentially and never worry about lost or stolen cards. If cards are lost or stolen, one toll-free call reports the loss, cancels the cards, stops unauthorized purchases, and requests prompt replacement.²

¹This benefit is offered as part of Weber State Federal Credit Union's Travel Advantage Program, administered through The Financial Institution Benefit Association. For complete details and disclosures of your Travel Advantage benefits, please visit the Travel Advantage Web site here, use travel ID #5805.

²This benefit requires a registration. Please submit your registration form here, use travel ID #5805.

³Coverage is automatic. To submit a claim, please contact the Weber State Credit Union VISA office at 801-399-9728.