VISA Rewards Program

If you love extra rewards for using your VISA card, then we have the program for you. Earn 1 Scorecard Reward point for every $1 spent on your VISA Platinum or or VISA Debit card*. When you are ready to redeem points, just click here for travel and merchandise rewards, or call a loan officer at 801-399-9728 if you would like to buy down your loan rate.

What can I use Scorecard Rewards points for?
Travel Rewards: Earn domestic and international flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and discounted cruises when you redeem your Scorecard Reward points.

Merchandise Rewards: Use points to purchase golf clubs, camping gear, electronics, or even iTunes gift cards.

Discounts on Loans: Redeem your Scorecard points to get a lower rate on your auto, RV, personal and even Mortgage loans. You can get up to a 1.00% APR discount on your loan. Points can be redeemed in increments of 1,000 points per every 0.01% rate discount.

How much does Scorecard cost?
Scorecard is free for VISA Platinum Rewards cards, and just $20 per year to earn rewards with your VISA Debit card on your Rewards Checking account.

How do I redeem points?
To redeem points for travel and merchandise, please click here
To redeem points for discounts on loans, please contact a loan officer at 801-399-9728.

*Transaction must be signature based (ex. if asked "debit" or "credit" when using your card, you must say "credit" to receive points.)